Investors or Entrepreneurs register or login here to Advantage Business Angels Exchange, the place where you can congregate. Entrepreneurs can pitch a 300 word summary of their idea and plan, or for just 50 Euros upgrade to a premium subscription enabling you to write a full business plan. Investors can register for free or upgrade to a premium subscription to see all Advantage Business Angels published content and sponsored business plans.

Advantage Business Angels has been at the forefront of the business Angels movement over the past decade. Since 2003 they have helped over 150 small businesses find funding at an aggregate value in excess of £25 million.

Advantage Business Angels continues to provide these services to entrepreneurs and investors but is using online technology to put the two together and provide a timely news digest of the angel scene. Advantage Business Angels Exchange learns what material interests each investor and presents it first in their list of recommended material. In addition users can “follow” ideas, people, organisations, and publishers to further filter content and preserve relevance. For entrepreneurs this means your pitches or plans go automatically to the right investor eyeballs.

Advantage Business Angels will continue to offer a full fund raising service to entrepreneurs for projects which appeal to the Advantage Business Angels team. Business plans which are sponsored by Advantage Business Angels will be clearly branded on Advantage Business Angels Exchange, and investors will recognise these opportunities. Investors will automatically “follow”Advantage Business Angels material so will see our well researched and presented opportunities.